JD 4020 hydraulic supply manifold

When adding a loader and backhoe to my 4020, I tapped into the main pressure line. I mounted this collection of fittings on the right side of the console. Hydraulic power comes from the T that replaced the elbow right behind the pedals. Each circuit has a needle valve to limit the maximum flow. Neither my loader (MF-236) nor my back hoe (Long 1099) need more than 5 GPM.

For return I mounted a pair of male Pioneer fittings on the back of the right step and ran a hose to a fitting on the transmission oil cover. There is a cover with fitting hole available from Deere, but I drilled the side of my cover and tapped for 1/2" pipe thread. My fitting puts the oil directly on the filter element while the Deere cover that was first made for the 2640 makes the oil hit the outside of the cover before it gets to the filter element. I have not checked the filter to see if it has survived the abuse.

By using the male on the return, the unused implement fittings can be connected to each to keep them clean, and there's no question which is which.

I don't use the step on the right side because the loader valve is about 3 feet in front of the right fender and I use rods to operate the loader valves and those rods block off access to that side of the operator platform. The back ends of the rods are run through holes in an angle iron on the inside face of the fender and have plastic ball knobs for convenience.

For easy of getting on and off the tractor and to hold a more conventional battery close to the starter I have made a new step. I also have mounted 12.4x42 rear tires for more lateral crop clearance when spraying.

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Last modified November 6, 2006, Dr. Gerald N. Johnson