Gerald Johnson's Buckhorn MO relations

Story County, Iowa. September 2000.

Jo Ann (Johnson) Locher writes:

Dear Cousins,

Not long ago, Linda asked me who Benjamin F. who was son of Noble and Margaret (Pinkerton) Johnson had married. As long as I'm going through my notes and sending info about Benjamin, I decided to send it to all of you. At this time, I don't know much and this is it.

The 1850 census of Madison County lists the Noble Johnson family as:

#348  Nobel, 57, b NC
	Margrette, 48, b NC
	William, 17 b MO
	Richard R., 13, b MO
	Rebecca, 10, b MO
	Benjamin, 7, b MO
	George W., 3, b MO

The 1860 census of Madison County lists them as:

#748 Noble Johnson 65, blacksmith, b SC
	Margarette 55, b VA
	Richard 21, b MO
	Benjamin F. 17, b MO
	George W. 13, b MO

A transcript of the Madison County marriage records 1848-1868 lists: Benjamin Johnson md Mary L. Wyatt on November 24, 1865

The 1880 census of Washington Twp, Ripley County MO has:

	B. F. Johnson 37, b MO, father b NC, mother b MO
	Mary L. 35, b NC, father b NC, mother b NC
	Wm J. 13, b MO (ca 1867)
	DeWitt L. 9, b MO (ca 1871)

Also, there is a

	Alfred Wyatt 57 b NC, father b DEL, mother b DEL
	Narcissa 59 b NC, father b NC, mother b NC
	Sarah Casteel 18, b MO, father b TN, mother b MO

The 1900 census of Doniphan Twp, Ripley County MO shows:

	DeWitt Johnson b Nov 1870 in MO
	Sarah E. b Jul 1873 in MO
	Ora (dau) b Jan 1893 in MO
	Ezra (son) b Aug 1894 in MO
	Finas (son) b Dec 1895 in MO
	Lena (dau) b Sept 1899 in MO 
and one boarder...didn't copy the name...

The 1900 census also has in Doniphan, Ripley County:

	Benjamin Johnson b May 1844 in MO
	Mary L. b May 1845 in NC

(There was a DeWitt C. Johnson b Aug 1854 in TN in the Dunklin Co census in 1900 and his wife was Bettie A. and sons were Stanley b 1880 AR and Ellwood D. b 1885 in AR...not our DeWitt.)

(There was also a Benjamin Johnson b Feb 1848 MO in the Taney County census and his wife was Mary b 1848 in TN. I believe that this is the man who was in the railroad building/lumber business at Hollister MO near Branson. At first, I had wondered if it was our BF but I don't think so...a little younger and a whole lot richer!)

There were lots of Benjamin Johnsons listed in the 1900 Soundex:

	Benjamin F. b Aug 1870 MO in Union Twp of Bollinger County
	Benjamin b Oct 1880 AR in Butler County 
	Benjamin H. b Jan 1854 MO in Stoddard County with a son named 
		B. Frank b Feb 1874 in MO; 

(I believe that Noble had a brother named William whose family was in the Stoddard County area. That William had a son named Joseph b ca 1818 and Joseph had a son named Benjamin b ca 1846. So those Stoddard County Benjamins may be ours too.)

Now remember that the 1880 census shows BF's son, Wm as b ca 1867...

The 1900 Soundex shows 2 Williams in Ripley County:

In Doniphan Twp there is

	Wm H. Johnson b Feb 1867 in MO (not "Wm J."...but age is right!)
	Sarah C. wife b Sept 1864 in OH
	Arthur C. son b Jan 1890 in MO
	Viola E. b Apr 1893 in MO
	Beulah E. b Mar 1894 in MO
	Mary V. b Aug 1897 in MO
(This one may be ours...)

In Current Township of Ripley County in 1900 there is:

	William J. b Oct 1857 in MO
	Wm E. son b Apr 1883
	John E. son b Dec 1884
	Grover C. b July 1886
	James V. b July 1888
	Joseph T. b May 1890
	Samuel A. b July 1892
	George C. b May 1894
	Elsie b Sept 1896...all born in MO

(Ripley County marriage records show that William J. Johnson married Annie M. L. Liebig on Feb 17, 1882. James Parker was the JP and consent was given by father of the bride, John Liebig.)

(A transcript of Ripley County obits with a date of April 26, 1900 says that Mary Liebig Johnson, wife of Wm J. Johnson, died Saturday at home of Jeff ponder of heart failure leaving husband and 8 children. She was buried at the family burial ground at Fourchee.)

The same transcript reports on July 3, 1902 that Mrs. Sallie McCord, age between 80-90 and widow of the late M. D. L. McCord and long time resident of Ripley died at the home of DeWitt Johnson. (It appears that our DeWitt Johnson's wife was Sarah so this "Sallie" may be her relative.)

The same transcript of obits reports on May 21, 1903 that David Johnson, 9 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Johnson of east Doniphan died on May 14 in the am and was buried Friday morning. Rev. V. A. Bell was the minister. (If he was born in Aug 1894, then he was a few months short of being 9 years old in May 1903.)

Then...sadly...the transcript reports on August 20, 1903...Sarah, wife of DeWitt Johnson, died on Saturday in the am of congestion. She was 30 years old and leaves a husband and 3 children. She was buried Saturday afternoon at Oakridge. (Oakridge is a cemetery near Doniphan.)

So if you can sift thru this, you will see that BF had sons named Wm b ca 1867 and DeWitt b ca 1871 and they both had children that we need to find.

Benjamin and Mary L. (Wyatt) Johnson may be buried in the Oakridge cemetery also...just a guess.

So, Linda, to answer your question...Benjamin F. married Mary L. Wyatt in Madison County MO just after the end of the civil war...on November 24, 1865.

The Civil War Soldiers book reports that Rebecca Eliza (Eliza Rebecca) Johnson md John B. Graham Aug 4, 1859

A transcript of Madison County marriage records shows that Richard R. Johnson md Catherine Mason on Dec 11, 1860 with his cousin/bro-in-law, Joseph D. Johnson as the minister.

George W. Johnson married Mary Ellen Graham July 18, 1869 and cousin/bro-in-law Joseph D. Johnson was the minister.

Wonder what happened to William? The marriage record transcript shows a mysterious "Willard" Johnson married Julia Ann Schultz on August 15, 1857. Willard just doesn't sound right...the original record may be different.

Also, as I looked at my notes, I found another one from the same obit for Mary: August 15, 1901--Mrs. Mollie Johnson in east Doniphan died of cancer. She was the mother of Dewit and Wm and wife of B. F. Johnson.

So...Mary L. (Wyatt) Johnson was born May 1844 and died August 1901.

I have found in the "McCord" postings in genforum that in Sept 1998 Ben McGrew posted that Marcus D. L. McCord was born in 1816 and died after 1856. He married in Ripley County MO October 12, 1866.

I have written to Ben and hope to learn more about Sallie McCord who died at the DeWitt Johnson home in 1902. It is an old posting and when I looked at the page which gives Ben's email address I noticed that ALL of his listed postings are it may be too late. Will let you know if I hear from him.

Also looked at the "Bell" genforum site and found that R. Windsor Mann had posted on May 14, 1999 that Valentine Alexander Bell was born October 6, 1841 in TN and died Dec 19, 1919 in "Kensitt" (probably Kennett) MO. He said that V. A. Bell was a Baptist minister and son of Elijah Bell who was born ca 1815 in Dallas County AL and died May 11, 1877 in Ripley County MO. He was in Gibson County TN in 1850. He married Nancy Ann Jones b 1816 in NC and d 1878 in Ripley Co.

V. A. Bell was the minister for the little boy--David Johnson age 9 who died in May 1903--son of M/M DeWitt Johnson...and probably a grandson of Benjamin, a great grandson of Noble, and a gg grandson of David.

The obit didn't say it...and I should have guessed it...but V. A. Bell was a Baptist!

Take care, Jo Ann

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