Gerald Johnson's 1968 Airstream Caravel

Story County, Iowa. June 2000 through September 2006.

Jim Greene's scan of the lost page 109

Oven control settings

My dad claims the dents are not from Bismarck, 1993 where this VAC took honorable mention on the concourse. He says they were from house destroying hail before he bought it. Hail that penetrated double house windows and roof sheathing on houses.

The front dinette. The aluminum brackets are for the hammock. The last time I made the dinette into a bed, I found it important that the gaps between the cushions ran parallel to where they are for seating. Otherwise I pushed one off on the floor and fell between them.

Port side lounge.


Bathroom vanity corner.

More of the galley.

The hammock anchors on the right front wall and ceiling.


Screen door strap

Screen door strap in use

Battery box behind the propane tanks replacing the spare tire which is carried in the truck for better weight distribution and no hydrogen inside the trailer.

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