Charles G. Johnson family on the porch Buckhorn MO Late 1925

Left to right: Edwin Wagner Johnson, born December 3, 1912 with a hole in his sock. He died December 24, 2004.
Then Mae Olivia Johnson, born April 29, 1919, died August 30, 1997.
Next Lilly Ellen Johnson, born February 1, 1917 holding Charles Odell Johnson (the family calls him Jun, short for Junior) born October 17, 1924.
Then Carl Gilbert Johnson, born November 3, 1914, died November 21, 1995.

My dad reports the house was up the hollow above the Big Creek Baptist Church. Just above where the lake is now. It had porches on front and back, just about alike. It was built by Grant Clubb (brother to my ggm Fannie Clubb Johnson). Grant Clubb built three houses in the area from the same plans, one still stands at Buckhorn. It was the home of Ike Pugh when he ran the store at Buckhorn. It has been modified. The clapboards were finished with linseed oil and lasted well.

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