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History of TEBO Baptist Association
Some Christian Co KY marriages before 1820
Some Christian Co KY cemeteries with Johnsons
Early Bethel Baptist Church history
Exerpts from the Madison County MO Providence Baptist Church book
Exerpts from the Missouri Baptists Historical Collection

Story County, Iowa. September 2000.

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film 1036394 item 7. Inventory of Church Archives of Missouri Baptist Bodies. TEBOP Baptist Association. Began in Henry, Pettis, and Benton Counties.

But it begins: "HISTORY OF THE TEBO BAPTIST ASSOCIATION Baptists in Missouri The first known member of the Baptist denomination who located in Missouri were Thomas Bull and his wife and her mother, Mrs. Lee, who settled in what is now Cape Girardeau County in 1796(1). Although most of the early settlers in the territory were of the Catholic faith, there were a few Protestants in the region. This is evidenced in a report by Gayare to the Bishop of Havana on the religious situation in 1772, which mentions the fact that some Protestants and Jews had been expelled(2).

Reverend Josiah Dodge, a baptist minister from Newls, Kentucky, delivered the first protestant sermon known to have been preached west of the Mississippi River. It was delivered in February 1794 while he was visiting his brother, Dr. Israel Dodge, near Ste. Genevieve, Missouri(3).

Elder John Clark, a "Baptist in principle"(4) but a Methodist at the time, made several missionary trips from Illinois to St. Louis and vicinity in 1796(5). Three years later Rev. Thomas Johnson, an aged Baptist clergyman from Georgia and one time missionary to the Cherokee Indians, visited the Cape Girardeau district. While there he administered the ordinance of baptism to Mrs. Agnes Bellew in the waters of Randall Creek, which was probably the first Protestant baptism west of the Mississippi(6).

Another early Baptist preacher who visited and preached in St. Louis County as early as 1801 was Thomas R. Musick of Kentucky. He later became a citizen of St. Louis and was instrumental in the organization of the Fee Fee Baptist Church in 1807(7).

Elder David Green, a native of Virginia, came to the territory from Kentucky in 1805 and did much to spread Christianity in early Missouri. He preached to a few Baptist families that had settled in what was known as Tywappitty Bottom, about 10 or 12 miles south of where Cape Girardeau is now located. After having preached a few sermons to those families, Rev. Mr. Green returned to Kentucky, and some 8 or 10 persons organized the Tywappitty Baptist Church in 1805 in what is now Scott County at the site of Commerce, Missouri. This church soon died (8). The following year Elder Green moved with his family to Missouri. Here at the home of Thomas Bull, 2 miles south of the present town of Jackson, Missouri, on July 19, 1806, was organized Bethel Baptist Church, the first permanent Protestant church west of the Mississippi River. David Green minister, and George Lawrence and Henry Cockerham, deacons, officiated in the organization of the church. The constituent members were: David Green, Thomas English, William Mathes, Leona Green,, William Smith, Jane English, Agnes Bellew, Thomas Bull, Clary Abernathy, Edward Spears, Catherine Anderson, Anderson Rogers, Rebekah Randal, John Hitt, and Frances Hitt. Thomas Bull was writing clerk, William Mathes was selected as singing clerk, and Elder David Green served as pastor until his death in 1809(9).

The first meetings of the church were held in the various homes in the community (10). A log church building was erected on the farm of Thomas Bull in 1813, and John Hitt was appointed doorkeeper of the church(11).

From these beginnings in southeast Missouri, the Baptist denomination spread to St. Louis where Fee Fee and Cold Water churches were organized in 1807 and 1809 respectively(12)..."

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From a microfilm of Christian County KY marriage documents: Some spelling is the original, some is my fat fingered typing.

March 20, 1810 Benj. Beniln Clary Baker February 8, 1810. Sir John Clark pleas to grant Philip Bishop license as there is marriage intended between him and daughter .... and this shall be your receit for the same

26 July 1810 Henry Hopson and Sally Johnson This is to certify that I have no objection to marriage license to issue for a marriage shortly intended between Henry Hopson and My Daughter Sally Johnson as witness my hand this 26th of July 1810. William Johnson

November 28, 1810 James Johnson and Mary Gamble sealed by James Johnston and Joseph Gamble

CHRISTIAN COUNTY Sct: I, John Clark Clerk to the Court for said County, do hereby certify, that bond and security has been taken in my office according to law, for a license to issue for a marriage shortly intended to be solemnized between James Johnson and Mary Gamble. These are therefore to license and permit you to join together the aforesaid James Johnson & Mary Gamble according to the rites and ceremonies of the church to which you belong. Given under my hand this 28th day of November 1810. To any Minister of the Gospel or Justice of the Peace legally authorized to solemnize the rites of marriage. Jno Clark

Dec 25, 1810 David Sites and Margaret Lellevy sealed by David Sites and Nevil Lindsey

October 18, 1811 Uriah Baker and Luraney Cook. Sealed by Uriah Baker (his mark) and James Cook (his Mark)

Sept 17, 1811 David Smith and Simral Johnson Sealed by same.

Another same date David Smith and Jane Johnson Married in church Sept 18, 1811 by Bers, Esry

Oct 21, 1811 James Spencer and Wm Johnson apply for James Spencer and Temperance Johnson. sealed by James Spencer and Wm Johnson

Oct 18, 1811 John Stephenson and Archibold Millen apply for John Stephenson and Jane Grayham. Sealed by John Stephenson and Arhibold Millen..

October 4, 1811 Isaac Thomas and Nathan Davis apply for Isaac Thomas and Patsy Davis.

May 6, 1812 Robt Clark and John P. Finby apply for Robert Clark and Jasa Ply Flanton sealed by Robt Clark and John P. Finby

April 30, 1812 Simon B Clark and Samuel Hopson apply for Simon B. Clark and Nancy Govinous sealed by Simon B. Clark and Samuel Hopson

Then the marriage license issued April 30 is for Simon B. Clark and Nancy Goode. Signed by John Clark. And they were married by G. L Proster, JP that same day. "Sir, As I expect that there will be application maid to you for Licens of Marriage between my son Simon B. Clark and Nancey Goode both of this County & my Sun being under age this is to inform you that you have my Consent to to grant Lisons accordingly given under my hand this 28 Day of April 1812. Jonathan Clark"

March 17, 1812 Robert Graham and Martha Graham apply for Robert Graham and Martha B. McKee. sealed by Robert Graham and Martha Graham. Marriage performed 19th March 1812 by Ben H. Reeves, JP

"Wm McClaughlin after my respects to you Sir. You need not hesitate to let the Beamen --- is my son have licens although he is under age as I fully agreed to the Matik given under my hand this .. Day of March 1812." Signed by Andorane Graham. Martha McKee, and Robert Graham.

Nov 29, 1812 Isaac Johnson and Thomas Breden apply for Isaac Johnson and Hannah Breden. Signed by Isaac Johnson (his mark) and Thomas Breden (his mark). Married Nov 26 as Isaac Johns and Hannah Breden by A Wilson J.P.

June 2, 1812 Wm Johns and a Blakely apply for William Johnson and Sally Blakely. Signed by William Johnson and John Blakely

February 1, 1812 Robert Johnson and John Lewis apply for Robb Johnson and Betsy Lewis. signed by Robb Johnson and Johns Lewis.

On March 19, 1812, Ben H. Reeves, J. P. married Robert Graham and Martha B. McKee.

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From FHC fiche 6075676 cemetery records southern Christian county KY. And from FHC fiche 6075675, cemetery records northern section of christian county, KY: Some spelling is the original, some is my fat fingered typing. The entries are selected to be Johnsons from about the era 1800-1815. None show known family.

FLAT LICK CEMETERY Copied October 31, 1978. From Hopkinsville at intersection of Lafayette Road and Country Club Lane go south on Lafayette Road 7.2 miles, cemetery on right at church. many of these graves were moved from Fort Campbell Area to Flat Lick Cemetery from Christian County, Trigg County, Kentucky and Stewart County, Tennessee, when farms were bought by the U. S. Government to establish Fort Campbell, Kentucky. (from page 234) P. 263: James W. Johnson, May 9, 1876.

p.52 MASON CEMETERY Copied september 28, 1977. from Hopkinsville at intersection of Country Club Lane and Fort Campbell Blvd. go south on Fort Campbell Blvd 4.9 miles turn right go 1.8 mile, turn left at church, cemetery approximately .5 miles back of trailer. William B. Mason June 16, 1814 October 27, 1877 Mr. S. N. Mason September 12, 1815 January 12, 1888

P.269: JOHNSON'S Church cemetery. Copied april 21, 1966. from Hopkinsville at intersection of 107N and E 7th street go on 107N 14.5 miles to Red Bridge turn left, go 2.4 miles, turn left, go up hill to church. Many Johnsons... Only the oldest copied here (GNJ). Samuel Johnson August 3, 1782 May 24, 1846 Ann Johnson (wife) November 24, 1782 April 13, 1866

Elizabeth mother of Samuel Johnson died 1838 aged about 80 years old.

Robinson Johnson September 26, 1804 July 20, 1854. Kit Servant of Sam Johnson, Senior June 15, 1851 aged about 90 years. Wm. D. Johnson March 10, 1839 January 8, 1862 Mary P. wife of Samuel Johnson April 23, 1840 October 16, 1870. Samuel Johnson March 5, 1814 October 10, 1893

ANTIOCH CEMETERY copied april 26, 1966. From Hopkinsville East 7th Street turn left on 107N go 2.5 miles turn right on Antioch Road and go 3.9 miles on left. (p.262). P. 256: Wm Johnson July 24, 1778 October 13, 1860

Sarah wife of W. Johnson April 30, 1796 November 21, 1864

P. 75 JOHNSON CEMETERY Located on George Lacy Farm 7 miles east of Crofton-1mile west of Johnson Mill road-1 mile from Macedonia Baptist Church David Johnson march 10, 1797 April 26, 1848

P. 73. RIVER CEMETERY From intersection of highway 189N and 800W at Fruit Hill go on 800W, 2.3 miles, turn left, go 1.9 miles, turn left to house. Walk right to river, cemetery in woods near river bank. Copied April 10, 1966. John J. son of Wm and Sarah Johnson November 22, 1818 October 22, 1836.

P.53. MALONE CEMETERY Located from Hopkinsville at intersection of 68W and 91N go on 91N and go 11 miles behind barn on left. Copied November 15, 1966. Sarah E. wife of John W. Johnson nd daughter of L. and P. Hardy June 29, 1841 May 22, 1861. Evanda D. Johnson January 18, 1825 September 21, 1847

Winfield S. son of W. W. and N. Johnson March 9, 1852 August 8, 1863 Nancy wife of W. W. Johnson May 9, 1820 October 1, 1855 W. W. Johnson February 26, 1814 August 7, 1868 Infant son of J. W. and S. E. Johnson J. W. Johnson May 3, 1813 June 14, 1881 wife Sarah E. October 14, 1821 January 3, 1857 wife Helen T. January 9, 1823 May 9, 1886 Willis W. Johnson February 26, 1814 August 7, 1868 Nancy Catherine Johnson infant daughter of W. W. and Nancy September 24, 1844 June 24, 1845 Permelia wife of W. W. Johnson June 22, 1820 July 2, 1891 George W. son of W. W. and P. Johnson July 4-July 15, 1863 No Whitener or Weidner. Several Underwood and Clark. 2 Shephard, much later than 1810.

p.357 MASON CEMETERY Copied January 11, 1976. Located from entrance to Western State Hospital on HIghway 68E, go on 68E 3.6 miles turn right, go 1.4 miles, walk left across field approximately 1 mile, cemetery in small clump of trees. Annie Mason April 11, 1796 March 13, 1879 aged 83 years-1month- 2days John Mason February 8, 17__(rock broken) March 31, 1865

P. 41. HAWKINS CEMETERY From intersection of 91N and 68W go on 91N 10.7 miles turn right, go 6.2 miles, cemetery at church on left. Copied august 21, 1966. P.43. Wyatt H. Cato 1822-1890 Susan J. Cato 1827-1911 p.44 W. C. Cato January 18, 1802 June 21, 1850 48 years-5 months 5 days

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From a microfilm of Bethel Baptist Church minutes at Jackson, MO.

Bethel Baptist Church,, 1806 was the first permanent Protestant Church to be established west of the Mississippi River. It was located in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, about two miles southwest of the present site of Jackson, Mo. on Highway 25 and about one half mile west. It continued to function until about 1868, and was the mother of the following churches: Boise Brule in Ste. Genevieve County, 1807; St. Michael, near Fredericktown, Missouri, which was organized into Providence Church, 1814; Saline, Ste. Genevieve County, January 1813, St. Francois, 25 miles south of Fredericktown, 1812; Turkey Creek, 1813, which was known as Turkey Creek and upon entering Bethel Association was called Dry Creek; Apple Creek, near Oak Ridge, June 1820; Big Bend, June 1821; Hebron, five miles south of Jackson, May 11, 1822; First Baptist Church of Jackson, Mo., 1824.

In the year 1805 Rev'd Davis Green, a native of Old Virginia but then residing in Kentucky who had lived and preached in both the Carolinas, visited this place.

The change of government having now taken place, the door appeared opened and evidently it is that God had selected him to be the instrument in planting his name here, there was by this time others moved here of the same order he preached amongst them and returned to Kentucky, but could not remain there satisfied, but came the next spring with his family and remained here until his death in 9 December 1809. He was buried on the plantation now owned by Capt. Charles G. Ellis on Randol Creek.

Sat 13, 1812. The letter for the Association read and receive. Rec'd by experience Jno. Dowty, Wright Daniel and Alexander Murphy. by letter Davis Johnson. Appears to have been a three day conference in July 1812.

August 8, 1812 Church in conference. Received by letter John Baker, Wybolmy Baker, Susanna Stacy. Restored Samuel Raney and James Blount. Dismissed by letter Mr. Tanners negro Simon and Sarah Duskens. Received by experience William Johnson, Sarah Hitt, Joseph Lockcart, Sarah Randol, Alliston Williams, Jean Johnson and Sarah Beasley.

Dec. 1815. the church in conference. Bro. Henry Poe's case taken up. Bretheren Abraham Randol & Jno. Hitt appointed to labor with Bro. Poe against next meetings. Brethren T. Bull & Isaac Sheppard to write to Bro. Wm. Johnson of the Arm on Turkey Creek concerning card playing.

1820 April 8. Church in conference. Bro. John Juden, Jr. gave in his letter. rec'd by letter Bro. John Juden, senior. received by experience an african man named Wenson, of Capt. J. Johnsons. Sarah Gile received by experience. Jean Rion by letter.

1829 Aug 8 Church met in conference and proceeded to business; Mary Johnson received by experience. Bro. Benj. Thomson, John Sheppard and Robert English appointed delegates to the association. Robert English to write the association. Jonathan Johnson rec'd. by experience.

1830 April 10. Church met in conference all in peace and no business.

March 1st. Mary Johnson departed this life and James Brookes the 15th of the same month. Nov. 13 Church met in conference all in peace & no business. Jonathan Johnson departed this life November 13, 1830. 1831 July 9 Church met in conference & proceeded to business. Rec'd. by letter Matilda Randol & Mary Johnson. Thos. Bull appointed to assist in writing to "Mud Creek Church" Carrol County, Tennessee. Elijah Randol appointed church clerk in place of Robert English, resigned.

1837 March 11 The church met in conference and after praise and prayer proceeded to business house which is delayed till a more leisure time. All in peace Bethel Church. Unanimously agree in a resolution that a biographics sketch of the life and conversation John Sheppard Sr. Decs. be placed in the church book. "John Sheppard senior decs from the best information we can obtain has been a member of the Baptist Church between 30 and 40 years, and a regular ordained Deacon of that church from March 12, 1825 up to his death. Whose life and conversation did truly corroborate with that of his profession, as a husband, a father, and a citizen was truly amiably as a christian we believe there is not ought to show against him. His whole christian life is truly worthy of imitation he left this world firmly fixed in the faith he had lived on 22nd day of November 1836. From item one film 1698287

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typed January 29, 1998

                    Ex-Libris Clarice Andrews 
                         Church book for 
                        Providence Church 
                          AD 1829 April 
                         James Book for 

                   Gardner Larrence County Ark
                       Missionary Preacher

Above on the frontispiece. Title page says: Record of the Providence Church From the time it was an Arm of Cape Girardeau Church. ----Bethel.--- In the year of our Lord 1812 Sept 20, 1813.

We an arm of the of the (sic) Bethel Baptist Church of Christ met together at Millers Mill and after worship a door opened for the reception of members. Rcvd by letter Sally Tripp & son as members. David Stricklin Charity Smith by Letter. Catharine Gariall by Letter. Judith Thomas by Letter. Adjourned until the Saturday before the third Lords Day in October

Oct. Meeting Recd by experience Wm Savage & Elizabeth Savage. Elizabeth Sang Adjourned

Nov, Meeting Rcvd Joseph Grigge by acceaulation adjourned. Dec meeting Recd Peggy Belmire adjourned until April April 1814. Met at John Mathewses and worship. Recd by letter Patsey Smith Recd by experience Mrs Pettig and Mary Greggs. Recd 6 members by verbal ordering Wm Street and wife, Dorothy. Jonathan Stubble and wife Mary. Timothy Riggs and his wife. Also Smiths Williams adjourned

June 20th meeting recd by experience Jesse Blackwell Brother John Farras been to Preach. Sister Thurmans Molly recd by experience adjourned

July 17th Brother Farras chosen moderator nothing before the church adjourned.

August Met according to adjournment. nothing came before the Church then adjourned.

Sept Met and nothing before the Church

Oct Meeting Brother Luc

Hard to read, too much ambient light in this library. The roster of July 24, 1838 shows Elijah O'Banion deacon number 1 on the list. Davis Johnston #10. Note:Dsd by letter. Robert O Banion #16. Polly O banion #18. Elizabeth Johnston #29. Dsd by letter. Margarette Johnston #30. Dsd by letter.

Male members names. June 1838 dismissed by letter Elisha Spiva Elder #3.

Jonas Spiva #21 death.

There were 11 colored males. For female members death Marthy Spiva l3. Polly O Banion 5. Excluded Nancy Crittion 13 and the N looks like Noble's signature. Dismissed by letter Sary Spiva 19 by letter Margit Jonson 39

22 colored females.

E. Spiva was clerk at the first few years of meetings.

April 1835 (the Saturday before the third Lord's day) they decided to build a meeting house. And "Received in the fellowship of the Church by letter Davis Jonson and his wife Elizabeth and his daughter Margit."

Received a title for the lot for the use of the united Baptist Church.

June 1835 "By the request of Elisha Spiva the Church agrees to release him from being any longer clark and does appoint brother Frier to act as Clark in his place."

"Brother M frier did receive the Church book the Saturday before the third Lords day in August 1835 by order of the Church.

August 1837 Br. Johnston called for a letter of dismissal from the Church for himself and wife not necessary from his present home. The church agreed to consider the matter until September Meeting.

September 1837."The reference as to Brother Johnston and wife having letters of dismissal for this Church was taken up and the Church thot not good order to grant letters as the brother and sister does not leave the neighborhood."

March 1838 "The Church agree to discontinue their order as to giving Brother E Spivy a Letter of dismission from publick report of him to the Church."

April 1838 "The Difficulty between Sister Mcfarling and Br Johnston & sister Johnston was taken up. The church agree to appoint Br & sister O Banion to Labour with Sister Mcfarling and report to the Church at the May meeting. The care of Br. E. Spivy was taken up as to granting him a letter of dismission from this Church. The church agree not to grant him a letter on consequence of not all the members being Satisfyed."

The May 1838 meeting hold these topic over to the next meeting where they agreed to dismiss E. Spivy but held the Johnston matter over to the August meeting..

At the August meeting, "The reference of June meeting was taken up as to the Difficulty between Sister Mcfarling and Br and Sister Johnston and upon the Request of Sister McFarling the Church Agree to drop her from the fellowship of the Church in consequence of not being reconnected with Br. Johnston. Church agree That Br Rm Friar Draft a letter to our next association for examination at September meeting.

September 1838 "The church agree to grant Br & Sister Johnston letters of dismission from this church at their request and do grant Sister Margrett Barrett a Letter of dismission at her request."

Again R M. Friar's script N has the same shape as Noble's

Quit December 1842. need better light conditions.

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Manuscript Depository of Collection of The Missouri Baptist historical Society, Liberty, Mo. January 1941

Baptist Biographies, 1885, 297 pieces in six paper boxes. They relate to leaders amongst the Baptist and their religious activities from 1798 - 1885, and contain biographical sketches and data on the growth of the Southern Baptist denomination and its activities in Missouri and the Louisiana Territory, of special value in tracing the development of religious activities in Missouri.

Individual manuscripts 2. Minutes of the Bethel Baptist Church, 1806-1820, contain information on pioneer religious customs and events, a list of the church membership, articles, of faith, constitution, and the business proceedings of the church.

7. Baptist biographies, 1885-- brief life sketches of prominent Baptists of Missouri. (297 sketches).

13. Minute book of the Bethel District Baptist Association, 1834- 1855, contains names of churches composing association, delegates, offices, and a report of the various proceedings of the body.

A celndar of the Baratlett Yancey Papers in the Southern Historical Collection of the University of North Carolina. FHC film 0908038 item 6. 1940 Roberts, Jonathan, 30 (in the index) Thats an item number, not a page number. 1823 Lewis Williams [Member of Congress], Washington [D.C.]. Dec 20 to Baratlet[t] YANCEY, Raleigh, North Carolina. Sends Yancey another number on the manner in which the Secretary of War [John C. Calhoun] has managed affairs of his department; [Joseph] Gales must publish it; Williams has received letter for Jonathan Roberts in legislature of Pennsylvania; things going well in that quarter; [John] Forsyth showed him a letter from member of Pennsylvania legislature giving prospects there; no doubt as to vote of Pennsylvania;... A.L.S 3 pp. 25 cm x 20 cm Published in J.S.H.P., X, pp. 41-42. Hamilton, J.g. de R., "Letters to Bartlet Yancey,: The James Sprunt Historical Publications, S, no. 2, 25-76.

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